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Bidet 2 (With Toilet Seat)


DITCH toilet paper for good – for the sake of your health!

Hygienic! Healthier! Save Money! Save the Environment!

Research for yourself and you will find out that there are many medical expert advice and advantages of cleaning with water. Toilet paper can leave traces of poo behind so it's not an effective way of cleaning yourself.

Introducing this elegantly designed Bidet that comes with 2 ways spray.

Bidet 2 with white seat cover and is slim built design at $128 to match your toilet design. (With Installation and Free Delivery)

No electricity needed and able to fix it on most toilet seat.

"Protect Buyer Interest" pay only when you received the good. 1 to 1 exchange if faulty with 1 month after purchase. If products are all sold out, new batch of goods shipment takes 2 - 3 week to reach Singapore.

If you have any query on this product SMS or WhatsApp at +65 88777245 or 96824124


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